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The past few years for has been difficult for small businesses, what with natural disasters and COVID. It has been a tough time to survive, let alone thrive.

To give businesses a lifeline, in 2020, myself and John Costley for Lead C.I., referred by the President of the Singleton Business Chamber, worked alongside Singleton Council to complete a short course focused on recovery.

In 2021, we again joined forces to help Singleton Council develop the Singleton Business Builder Program, a free program funded by NSW Government’s Resources for Regions, which helps SMEs and entrepreneurs rebuild, grow and level up.


Local Singleton businesses have been dealing with a wide range of issues. Some of the key ones we identified were pinpointing their ideal client, determining their point of difference and understanding their financials.

Myself, John and Singleton Council developed the program, which ran over 12 months across four programs, to act much like a building renovation or repair.

Through the program, small businesses could take the opportunity to rebuild after damage, undergo a business renovation with a new plan or model, or get advice and support to extend or expand.

The target audience included entrepreneurs and anyone looking to take their business on a journey and achieve their 3-5 year goal. It includes those who have thrived through the pandemic and the past few years.

The reality is that SMEs in regional areas face a lack of resources and are unsure of where they can seek help. Singleton also faces a mine-free future, and we wanted to help small businesses and the community be better prepared.


The four Singleton Business Builder Programs included group webinars and one-to-one coaching for participants over a three-month period.

Unlike many other short business courses, we wanted them to deliver support, practical advice that could be easily implemented, and accountability delivered by business and marketing experts and mentors.

Topics covered focused on business and marketing and included:

  • Rebuilding a business
  • Pitching a business
  • How to build a website
  • Digital content and design
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Business development
  • Business strengthening


The Singleton Business Builder Program has received great feedback from participants since it began in 2021.

They have likened the program to a drone hovering over their business, identifying ways they can work smarter, not harder and enabling them to focus on what’s important.

We’ve been able to help them in areas such as making sure their pricing builds profit, targeting problem areas, increasing their online presence, identifying lucrative pivots or simply achieving the right mindset.

Many loved how interactive it was and benefited from the ongoing mentoring and chance to meet other small businesses in the area experiencing similar issues. They were able to implement the advice straight away and see positive results.

From the perspective of myself, John and Singleton Council, by helping individual businesses, we are helping create a stronger regional community and economy. This encourages people to stay, move to and invest in the area, boosting it further.

We hope the opportunity to work with other councils and SMEs will follow.

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See some examples of the SMEs who have successfully completed the program:

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