Hi. I'm Graeme Fitzgerald.

You can call me a business advisor, business coach or even a business consultant. I refer to myself as a Manufacturing Growth Specialist, because that’s ultimately what I help people in manufacturing accomplish: genuine, rewarding, sustainable growth.

Three decades of hands-on experience

After thirty years in the steel and manufacturing industry working for some of Australia’s most enterprising companies, I’m directing my energies to directly helping manufacturers increase their growth.

Working in executive management roles in small, medium and large organisations across a range of industry segments, I have gained valuable insights into their operations, supply chains and logistical requirements.

I helped these companies overcome the challenges they faced to deliver improved profitability and growth through strategic planning and a disciplined approach to implementation.

Empowering businesses to realise their potential

It’s immensely satisfying to see the people I’ve worked with move past low returns and stress towards a life where they can book that family holiday and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

It is my belief that a considered approach to strategy, processes, people, finance and innovation does have significant impact on the profitability and sustainability of all manufacturing businesses.

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