Business Strategy and Planning Workshop

Workshop details:

Date: Postponed in light of the unfolding public health situation (Previously 1-2 April 2020). Please sign up to my newsletter below to stay informed of new dates.

Event inclusion

  • Two-day workshop
  • Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea provided on each day
  • Pre-event 20 minute briefing with each participant to understand your business and tailor the session to best meet the needs of all attendees
  • 3 months of followup with each participant to help establish the sustainability of the process
  • Access to templates, frameworks and case-studies presented during the workshop

Over an extended time working in and with some of the leading organisations in Australia and globally, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about the importance of business strategy and the how effective the discipline of planning can be in creating highly successful businesses.

Now, more than ever an organisation’s ability to identify their strategy – their reason for existing and then be deliberate in how they go about operating their business every day, week, month and year – is crucial to surviving and thriving in an increasingly reactive world.

The Business Strategy and Planning Workshop has been put together with one clear goal in mind - to create a training event that was effective in helping businesses and business owners to get immediate results. For many businesses, the concept of creating a plan is seen as the biggest threat to who they are and to their freedom to do what they want.  Experience suggests that well-executed planning creates exactly that - FREEDOM.

In this workshop we will follow our tried and tested framework, developed working in and working with some of the best organisations in the world, to help you develop your own strategic plan, which will enable you and your business to succeed in 2020 and beyond.

The program schedule will cover off modules on understanding strategic planning; identifying your values; clarifying your purpose; identifying your goals; and conducting a SWOT analysis.

On day two, the modules will include setting your business objectives; writing priorities for success; battle testing your deliverables; the planning cycle; preparing for change; and achieving the plan.

Prior to the workshop I will spend 20 minutes with each participant to gain an insight into their business, which will help me tailor the sessions to best meet the needs of all attendees.  Access will be granted to any templates, frameworks and case-studies presented during the workshop.

At the conclusion of this program, you will have:

  • battle-tested your business strategy
  • clarified the purpose and mission of your business
  • established your target numbers
  • established where you are now
  • identified the strategic issues and priorities
  • developed a process for sustaining the plan.

To help establish the sustainability of the process developed in the workshop, I will commit to 3 months of follow up with each participant.

As we embrace the beginning of a new decade, ensure you start it off on the right foot with a fresh business strategy plan that is going to lead you in the right direction. For those of you who may have never created or followed a formal strategy – this workshop will be an investment in your future success.



Module 1 – Overview

  • Objectives
  • What is strategic planning?

Module 2 - Understanding strategic planning

  • What it does
  • Pyramid structure

Module 3 – Identifying our values

  • Pre-assignment review
  • Creating values statements

Module 4 – Clarifying your purpose

  • The importance of ‘why?’
  • Documenting your purpose – business and personal

Module 5 – On a mission

  • Linking vision and mission to the purpose
  • Defining your vision and mission
  • Designing a mission statement

Module 6 – Mining for gold

  • What is a SWOT analysis?
  • Conducting a swot analysis
  • SWOT ratings



Module 7 – Capturing the strategic issues

  • Identifying the top 12 elements from SWOT
  • How do we ……, Given that …….
  • Setting business objectives

Module 8 – Developing the priorities

  • Establishing priorities
  • Writing priorities for success
  • Connecting priorities to outcomes – the numbers

Module 9 – Battle testing deliverables

  • Are the priorities taking you towards your mission?
  • Assigning responsibilities and roles
  • Accountabilities

Module 10 – Gaining momentum

  • The planning cycle
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Communicating to stakeholders
  • Progress

Module 11 – Change

  • Recognising change where it is required
  • Readiness for change
  • Supporting the changes required

Module 12 – Achieving the plan

  • Staying focused
  • Plan on a page
  • Making it live
  • Linking with team responsibilities

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