s02e02 – People Leadership Development – Stephen Elliot

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Apologies straight off the bat for some notification sounds that made it through to the recording. Hopefully it will not be to much of a distraction for you.

Today’s episode we are joined by someone I have known for many years and tried to initially have on Season One of Manufacturing Mastery, but the world of 2021 didn’t want that to be a reality. Fortunately, it is now 2022 and Stephen Elliot has finally been able to join me for a chat.


With a background in chemical, metallurgical and process engineering and holding a degree in Chemical Engineering as well as completing his MBA, Stephen has become and experienced leader in the manufacturing industry. With a passion for manufacturing excellence through people leadership and process understanding, a personal core value  of safety and a desire to succeed. Has lead to Stephen being the director on numerous company boards both here and in South Africa.


A few key takeaways in which Stephen and I talk about in this episode:


  • The changes that have manifested through COVID19.
  • Talent within organisations and development of leadership skills.
  • The benefits and downsides of development change for young engineers and professionals and how it has changed over the years.
  • How people selection and development can impact on a company’s success
  • Importance of prioritizing people selection.


Connect with Stephen on LinkedIn – linkedin.com/in/stephen-e-6116a210b

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