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When opportunities present, we owe it to ourselves and our people to act.

Redefine what's possible in business - and life - with proven growth strategies and leading industry advice from manufacturing growth specialist Graeme Fitzgerald. In practical, easy-to-follow steps, Graeme will show you:

Effective systems that help your business grow sustainably in the post-pandemic world and beyond

The financial things you NEED to know to survive and thrive

How to effectively market your business on and offline

What you need to know to create a culture of continuous innovation

How to drive excellence, technology and leadership within your manufacturing operation

With almost thirty years' experience in the steel and manufacturing sector and senior roles at organisation small to large, there's no better person to help you navigate the current climate and position your business for true prosperity.



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Success Stories

Discover how Graeme's advice has helped others on their paths to mastery.

Business turns around after seven years without a profit

The only way your small business will survive is if you consistently generate a cash profit. But what if you hadn’t made a cash profit for seven years – and ...
leadership assessments

Leadership aiming to double production

Often some of the most challenging problems encountered in operating a manufacturing business don’t directly involve the manufacturing process. Rather, it is the leadership and management of the people who ...

Leadership focus prompts culture 180

When a work environment becomes ‘unworkable’ because of toxic behaviours from employees and a failing leadership, it can be challenging to turn the ship around. But as they say, you ...
Business expansion client case study

Business expansion and kicking goals

Hear how a struggling business got themselves into a position where business expansion was possible. Opening a new store seemed impossible not that long ago but now this business is ...
Reducing debt can help a business move forward

Reducing debt and booking family holidays

For many businesses, reducing debt is the first step that needs to be taken on the way to success. Read how Graeme helped this business to reduce their debt so ...
Retirement planning is important for the success of your business

Retirement planning to remove stress

Figuring out what to do with your business once you retire is a huge cause of stress for most business owners. Hear how Graeme helped this owner with retirement planning ...

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